Calling All Pluckers!

Cluck, cluck! it’s time to travel the back roads to Wayne America for the 2024 Wayne Chicken Show: American Pluckers! While the hosts of the hit TV show ‘American Pickers’ are always looking to buy rusty gold, we’ll be combing through garages and barns to find all things chicken: vintage, cluck-tible, and aged to perf-egg-tion.

We invite you to sponsor the 2024 edition of our feathered festival. Your support ensures our event will remain a national treasure for chicken enthusiasts and inexpensive for our patrons. throughout the 2024 Wayne Chicken Show, attendees will enjoy chicken-themed activities, live music, delicious food, and engaging competitions, such as the National cluck-off.

don’t miss this grade-a opportunity to showcase your support for one of the biggest events in Wayne America. Our top sponsors have their brand prominently featured in our promotions and throughout the event, garnering priceless eggs-posure to an ever-growing flock. For sponsorship details and to secure your place in the pecking order, contact us today.

Our unique twist on ‘American Pickers’ will have everyone scrambling for the best chicken-inspired finds and We look forward to crowing about your support for the 2024 Wayne Chicken Show!